Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a good man….


“Hello Thomas!”

That was the greeting I got every time my Uncle Marvin would see me.  My Aunt Ruth would say “There’s Thomas Charles Erdman,” and then would go on to tell the story of how I would call myself  Thomas Charles Erdman to anyone who cared, really anyone at all who would listen.

Uncle Marvin suffered a devastating stroke last night.

I’m not sure how to describe a man as good as Uncle Marvin, and the impact he’s had on our family. 

Acting as sort of the family historians, Uncle Marvin and Aunt Ruth would get the family together at reunions, organize games, make sure there were eggs and spoons for the egg race, or bags for the three legged race.  And, there were always prizes. 

Our last reunion was last year, the one he and Aunt Ruth said would be our last.  We didn’t know how prophetic that statement would be.  The above picture is my niece Mariah with Uncle Marvin from the reunion.

There was always laughter when they were around and they gave great parties.  They had a pool table in their basement.  And, they lived near a ball field.  There was always a softball game or pool game played.  

Uncle Marvin was always positive, always encouraging, always interested.  He never made you feel small.  Even as a child, he treated me with the respect you would expect to treat an adult.  He never talked down to me.

Uncle Marvin and Aunt Ruth spent winters with my folks in Lake Havasu, Arizona.   They were always there for my folks.  They’ve been friends and relatives for nearly 60 years.

It doesn’t look good for Uncle Marvin.  We will pray for you.   


  1. My prayers are with him and your family.

  2. "He never made you feel small." I love that.
    What wonderful memories. Go Marv!
    Will pray, Tom.

  3. I've been away from blogs, Tom. So sorry to read the news.