Sunday, October 18, 2009

on a mission…..

To look at her, you wouldn’t think this diminutive person could command an industry to change its ways.  If you thought differently, you would be wrong.

Susan Inglis has turned her passion of a “green” earth into a career of caring for our environment as executive director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. 

Yesterday, Angelo Surmelis and I spent about an hour listening and talking to a very reasonable person, not a whacko, but a real person committed to making us better, a person who, instead of dictating, nudges, smiles, nods and moves you closer to doing the right thing for the environment.


In this case, the messenger of saving the environment understands the little steps required to help manufacturers get to a place where they can be successful.  She spends time to understand the issues of the factory, and the very real solutions that are practical. 

So, as a result of knowing Susan, I am committed to at least thinking about the environment each time I design, engineer, or produce a furniture product.  For me, and many, that is the most important step.