Sunday, December 30, 2012

a problem.....

Call me Scrooge, but I really don't like New Year's Eve parties.  It seems, for some reason, a large portion of our population feels the need to get blasted in the spirit of closing out the old year.

For me, I just don't like getting drinks slopped on me, people leaning over me, and the idea of staying up until midnight to kiss a perfect stranger.

It seems, as a population, if we get an excuse to make fools of ourselves, we are not only ready, but wanting to participate.

With over 100,000 people dying each year due to the effects of alcohol, and over 25,000 finding their demise behind the wheel, this night of chaos only amplifies the problem we have with alcohol.

Why don't we just fire off guns at elementary schools? 


  1. Welcome back!

    I don't like 'em, either. My idea of New Year's Eve is me, my couch, a movie, and falling asleep before midnight. Though a glass of Champagne is a nice idea. And some cheese.

    1. and cookies????

      Hi Beth,
      It's been a difficult year. I just didn't feel like writing. But, I figured I'd better start or I wouldn't have that outlet. Hope things are well with you.

  2. Oh, there might be a cookie or two.

    I'm sorry for your difficult year. But indeed, whether here or just for yourself, writing is good therapy. Here's to an improved 2013.

  3. Tom, I never thought of it this way. Alcohol has destroyed so many lives, that if alcohol were not present many lives would be different. How many people dress up and go out and pretend they are the perfect couple, share their phoney midnight kiss, have their drinks, only to drive home in silence and possible domestic abuse when home.

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