Sunday, June 12, 2011

life goes on…..


An icon of my youth is gone.  Schroedl’s Meat Market recently closed its doors.

The Schroedl family has been processing meats for a long time.   My parents, who are 90 and 87 said it's been there as long as they can remember.

I was raised down the road from Schroedl’s, maybe a half mile.  Many of my earliest recollections in involve Schroedl’s. As a five year-old, I used to take a nickel and get a popcicle.  The smell of their meats permeated our home on more nights than not.   More recently, I would go there for the best summer sausage made anywhere.

schroedls3A victim of superstores, Schroedl’s was a humble place with a meat counter, whizzing band saws making all kinds of noise in the back, and banging trays echoing throughout the store.  It was real.  Now it’s gone.

schroedlsmeatsOver the years, the Schroedl family did what they could to modernize their business.  They added a dairy, and then closed it.  I never once felt they gave less than they had.

They were good neighbors.  They are good people.  They were good business people.  And, they sold damn good meat. 

Thank you Schroedl family for making my life just a little bit better.  I’ll miss it.

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  1. It was the only place we bought our meat. It will be sadly missed.