Friday, October 29, 2010

it’s broken…..

“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” – Republican Senator Mitch McConnell on his biggest priority in becoming Senate Majority Leader.   Huffington Post

This is what it comes down to, defeating the other team. Nothing about jobs or social security or medicare or education or banking reform or Afghanistan.  No, it’s about winning.

Former President Clinton just came out of Florida trying to get Kendrick Meeks to bow out so the current governor, and former Republican, Charlie Crist had a chance against rising star Marco Rubio in the Florida senate race.

Rod Blagojevich got on the phone and tried to sell a senate seat, President Obama’s seat.

The pool is equally dirty on both sides.  Politicians are hitting “hot button” issues that get us emotionally charged and yelling at each other.  Blame is cast everywhere like a lava flow making sure it kills everything in its path.

For one minute, I’d like to believe there is a Thomas Jefferson somewhere.  Instead, we get somebody running an ad saying “I am not a witch.”  Now, this is highbrow stuff.

Jerry Springer runs a TV show that looks startlingly similar to our political process.  He was mayor of Cincinnati.  Maybe he just brought the political act to TV.

We need to fix this process.

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  1. Our Canadian system of Politics is somewhat different from yours as Federal parties choose a Leader and if they should win the election; said Leader becomes our Prime Minister.

    Though unlike your Electoral College, there is room for improvement in our system as well. For example, in our last election a 'minority government' was elected BY THE PEOPLE. The opposing three parties then formed an Alliance and tried to oust them out. Outrage spread across the land and people asked 'what the hell was the purpose of voting in the first place?' Fortunately it was blocked by our Governor General and the coup d'état (though we were told it was perfectly legal) did not materialize. End of story.

    If it makes you feel any better Tom, we have our political drama and problems too.