Saturday, March 20, 2010

great design….

Simple, easy to understand, and limitless in potential, Legos have been around since 1954.  The word Lego is shorthand Danish for “play well”.

As I look at future furniture design for our company, I spend a lot of time thinking of simplicity.  Brilliance in design, in my mind, comes not from how complex the design can be in a specific way, but how the design can serve the user in many ways.

Provence Sky Blue Microfiber Flared Arm Sofa

So, why am I showing you this sofa?  It comes knocked down, much like those Legos shown above.  With only six bolts in the hardware pack, it only takes minutes to assemble, but offers all the comfort (it even has pocketed coil seating) and style to make that cozy nook….cozy.  And because it ships in a box that UPS will handle, you can live in any Podunk in and get it delivered right to your door.  

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