Friday, December 18, 2009

nothing ordinary about this....

The sofa you're looking at in this photo is pretty ordinary, basic color, basic pillow, basic shape. By looking at it, you would think it is like any other sofa made in the marketplace. Even it's selling price at $499 speaks to basic.

Most people wouldn't aspire to be ordinary or basic in appearance. But, for the past 14 months, that's been our goal.

Why, you ask, is basic our goal? Here's the answer. This sofa comes compressed in a box and takes up 73% less room in a truck and warehouse. It uses less fossil fuel in delivery. And, at the end of its useful life, is almost completely recyclable.

Today, this sofa is a real product, and it's available on We're very proud of this basic and ordinary sofa. In the first two weeks, it's now the sixth best selling sofa (out of 130). Not too shabby.


  1. Sounds like a eco-friendly winner! I wish the line was available in Canada, but hopefully in the near future it will be.

    Wishing you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Tom and hoping that your Mother finds peace in knowing that her dear friend Flossie will be attending the most glorious Christmas Party ever.

    Sincerely -Brenda-

  2. Tom, that should have read...'most glorious Birthday Party ever'. -Brenda-

  3. Brenda,
    Thank you so much for your thoughts. As you can probably tell, I come from a very close and strong family. In times of hurt, we gather and support one another. That is the greatest gift. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. You are so very welcome Tom. -Brenda-

  5. As this is an old post but a fairly new response...I thought this was interesting because I was on overstock this morning looking at similar couches!